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Let us take great care of your virtual home

Website Maintenance and Support Care Plans are recommended with all website development projects.

Having a proactive approach to building your website is essential in ensuring you’re reaching your target audience.

Websites are not set & forget.  A great website will have many moving parts. 

Your website needs love and care to work optimally.  You can either give it the love it needs or we have Website Care Plans to do it for you.

website maintenance and care plans

We look after your website without you needing to do a thing.  All inclusions are listed below

    Care Plan + simple content changes, image optimisation and website support.

    Includes 1hr of development, design or support.  Time allocated in 15mins intervals

    Hosting + ongoing support for all aspects of the website. 

    Hours can be also used for web development, on-page SEO or 1-1 tutoring.

    Full Developer support of up to 3hrs per month

    If you are on a care plan and need additional hours of work or if you are not a care plan and break your site or need us to work on your site in any way.

    Unhappy with your current service provider? 

    Move to Minx and we will migrate and fix some of your website technical issues as we go 

    Care Plan Inclusions:
    • Technical support for back-end checks and tweaks
    • Core software updates
    • Server upgrades
    • Plugin updates
    • Theme updates
    • Premium Plugin Licensing
    • Weekly Automated Backups
    • Secure monthly off-site backup
    • Security Monitoring
    • Site Hack Cleanup (once per quarter)
    • Spam & Revisions Cleanup
    • Database Optimisation
    • Support
    Website Maintenance Terms
    • Rates are in $AUD and include GST
    • Software licensing costs included
    • Maintenance Plans are payable at the start of each month
    • Unused hours do not rollover. 
    • Complete Care hours are tracked in 15mins increments and reset at the start of each month

    DIY Website Maintenance

    Whilst we recommend you Support and Care Plans, if you wish to DIY, please note that you are 100% responsible for your own site, hosting, updates and software licenses.

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