do i need to hire an seo agency

Do I Need to Hire an SEO Agency?

You’ve built your company website and filled it with detailed information. It’s replete with gorgeous imagery, and you’re even seeing a steady trickle of visitors. Do you really need to go one step further and hire an SEO agency?

It can be easy to assume that once you have a website built, all you need to do is sit back and watch visitors flock to it, ready to spend their money with you. But unfortunately, that’s not quite all it takes to make your website work as hard as you do.

SEO is a majorly important part of any business website, but many business owners simply don’t understand SEO fully or estimate its value enough to make it a priority. Moreover, they are often hesitant to hire an SEO agency to manage their SEO efforts due to a combination of these factors and the additional related costs. What these same business owners may not realise, is that SEO can be the magic bullet that increases traffic, boosts qualified leads, optimises for conversions, and offers the best ROI for their money. 

If you’re still undecided about whether or not to hire an agency to handle your site’s SEO, consider the following reasons having an SEO partner could make 2022 your best year yet.

Reason #1: SEO is Time Consuming

Do you have the time to regularly create fresh, new content for your website? Do you know which keywords will work best within that content to catch the attention of the search engines and help drive visitors to your site for the right reasons?

Many website owners know that website design is difficult and time-consuming, but they don’t seem to realise that SEO is, too. Because SEO management needs to be conducted on an ongoing basis, it can drain precious time that you should dedicate to running your business’ operations. Unless you happen to be an SEO expert or have the time to learn SEO best practises, you’re better off hiring an agency to do the work for you so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Unless you are devoted to keeping up with the latest trends in SEO, you are better off hiring an SEO partner. What works today may not be effective at all six months from now. And what worked yesterday could be worse than useless in a few months. 

Google algorithms take skill and finesse to understand. If Google changes one little thing, it can have a domino effect on your website’s SEO. It may not be apparent immediately, but these impacts can have a long-lasting effect on your site’s success, and if you’re not tracking these changes closely, could put you behind the competition without you ever knowing.

Reason #3: SEO Agencies Have Extensive Knowledge

You may have an in-house web designer who handles your website’s needs. They may even be in charge of SEO, though they’re probably also managing several other things within your website as well. You may even be your company’s own SEO specialist, utilising the skills you’ve gleaned to help drive traffic to your website.

But unless you are a full-time SEO expert, you’re not getting the full benefit of SEO. Agencies not only have multiple experts with varying ranges of experience and areas of expertise, but they also have access to a plethora of SEO tools that you may not be able to afford or know that you need.

The extensive knowledge, skills, and specialised digital tools that SEO agencies use help them maximise both your website’s ranking in search engines and increase its conversions through targeted optimisation. By attracting the ideal target audience to your website, they increase your chance at turning those visitors into paying customers who are also more likely to come back and do business with you again.

Reason #4: SEO Agencies Get Results

Sure, you can try and boost your site’s ranking by doing your own SEO, but if you aren’t an expert, you will be wasting your time and failing to achieve the results you want. On the other hand, SEO Agencies have the skills, knowledge, and tools to make a bigger impact and get much better results in a shorter span of time.

SEO isn’t a quick fix, and it often takes time to test strategies and analyse results. With the expansive time investment and research involved, it can be easy to get impatient and give up on SEO on your own. But if you use an agency, you leverage the expertise of an entire team of experts to monitor and adjust your site’s SEO strategy to maximise your results. Plus, agencies can ensure that updates, reports, notifications of important changes, and the assurance that any problems are resolved swiftly with minimal or no impact on your website’s performance.

Reason #5: SEO Agencies Can Help You Better Understand Your Customers

SEO agencies don’t just use tools that make the line go up. They can also use tools to understand what your visitors are searching for to better identify and leverage user intent. The data that SEO agencies have access to can help you build a better picture of your customers, including the terms they’re using to find your website and their sentiment toward certain products, services, and language. 

Understanding what your customers are searching for (and—more importantly—why) allows you to attract other people searching for the same thing. Understanding your customers helps you learn exactly how to keep them coming back for more.

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