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Some Of Our Fave Web Development Projects

We provide Website Development and Design services to assist our clients with business growth

At Minx whilst we are SEO-focused Web Developers, we have a big love of all things digital marketing our biggest joy is assisting our clients in their success.

Yes, we design and love to create custom colour palettes, branding and social media assets but we believe that a website should be your 24/7 shopfront and for this to occur, SEO is imperative.

Our Portfolio may look quite small considering we have 20+ years of experience. Design styles change so we don’t want to show you something we did in 2018 or you may think we lack innovation.

Also, some clients decide to self-host and they don’t keep their sites maintained so once again we don’t want to show those in case they are slow and messy. Lara is obsessed with speed and a tad OCD so our projects are always handed over fast and very tidy.

The projects shown on this page have all been created in 2021 and 2022 and our design, branding and development, of course, the Minx Digital website is all our work too 🙂

As Developers who provide web solutions, we regularly work with designers who provide the wireframes and brand assets so the design is theirs, not ours and we don’t take credit for other people’s design genius.

We also do a lot of maintenance and technical SEO work so once again, nothing to show here. Then there are the website fixes we do.

Unfortunately, many clients have come to us with poorly developed websites, when they need a site that performs, we work on the UX and backend so those designs aren’t ours either.

When thinking about the website you want to build, it’s good to see some past work but a skilled Web Developer will create your dream website without being restricted by their own personal style.

In today’s competitive market the technical quality of a website is imperative to success.

At Minx Digital we love automation, integration and innovation.

Some of our current web development projects

These projects are maintained by us so you can look at the live website:

Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works

Steve Jobs