Website Content Checklist

Our Website Content Checklist

Website content is often the bottleneck in the web development process so we put together this Website Content Checklist so you can see what is needed so it’s not so overwhelming.

We offer copywriting services so if you need help with your content creation we can add that to any website build but the copy will need approval before we start on the website pages design.

At Minx, we do not start work on any website until we have all the agreed content, whether that be copy, graphics or both. Without the website content to start with, it may mean a lot of redesigning your webpage.

We have learnt the hard way that content is the reason that some projects stall or worse, come to a grinding halt.

It can be a struggle when it comes to writing website content to sell your offer or speak about your brand in a way that is not “salesy” yet drives the message across.

There is a fine line, however, to navigate that tightrope you will need to know how to really talk about your message in a way that attracts the clients you ideally want to work with.

We’ve broken it down for you because we really do care about your business and giving you the know-how to feel confident in building upon it. This is a general checklist that provides most of what you will need to get together before we can start to build your dream website.

General Website Content

  • Logo
  • Social media profile links
  • Favicon
  • Header: Menu Items (normally page names)
  • Footer widget options. These are some options you may wish to have
    • Social feed
    • Page list / mini menu
    • Legal links
    • Logo
    • Contact info
    • Brief about
    • Opt-in
  • Sidebar widget options: A sidebar can be added to the site if you wish. These are some of the options you may like:
    • Opt-in
    • Recent posts
    • Contact block
    • Categories
    • Author

Home Page

  • Header/Hero Image
  • Main headline
  • Tagline
  • Call to action
  • A minimum of 500 words of text + headings
  • Images

This post by Hubspot outlines things in more detail Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have Infographic


  • Header/Hero Image
  • Main headline
  • Tagline
  • Call to action
  • Text including any Headings
  • Images

Gallery Page

  • Header/Hero Image
  • Headline
  • Tagline
  • Call to action
  • Text including any Headings
  • Images


  • Author Bio
  • Author Image (gravatar)
  • Several posts including the posts’ featured image


  • Phone number (s)
  • Email address (es)
  • Email to send the form to
  • Contact form fields
  • Supporting text and Images

Supporting Content

  • Testimonials including images
  • FAQs
  • Gallery Page


  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions or other legal info
  • Custom copyright wording

Email Marketing

  • CRM/mail subscription service credentials
  • Opt-in
    • Location(s)
    • The headline and/or subscribe text
    • Button text
    • Fields (optional/required)

Tracking & Scripts

  • Analytics – We install google analytics but if you currently have analytics we will need access
  • Live chat script – If you wish to use a chatbot we can install the script for you


Any SEO copy that you would like added to each page such as Meta Title, Meta Description, Schema etc

If you would like us to write your copy for you please let us know so that can be included in your Scope of Work (SOW).

I hope that you find this list helpful, as you can see just by the length of the list there are a lot of factors many businesses don’t take into account when starting a website development project.

Creating the copy alone can be a hard undertaking. Between meetings, client work and your social calendar it can really be hard to find the spare moments to get the words together.

Need help with your copy? Don’t want to take it on all by yourself? We can do it for you!

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