VIP Intensive

Spend the day with Lara

We can achieve a lot in a VIP Intensive day or 2; the possibilities are endless!

Whilst you may have a handle on most of your brand and website but have a list of things you need taking care of, and ideally would love to have a professional designer’s eye on your brand for a day (or two)?

Grab an all-day “virtual” intensive with Lara, and get those things off your list!  

That’s right, you can book Lara by the day. The total number of days depends on how much you want to acheive.

Examples of projects that could potentially get done in a day

  • Core brand visuals, including a simple logo, colours & font selections, icons/illustrations & social media templates
  • Setup and design your Membership Area with the user experience and relationship marketing principles in mind (including on-brand graphics, and strategic mapping of copy and product placement within hub)
  • Update your WordPress website, retheme or move your website to a new technical build
  • Work through your Technical SEO
  • Work on your existing pages On-Page SEO

Investment $700

How a VIP Intensive Day works

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